Specialist in Corrugated Box Making Machinery

As a specialist manufacturer of carton machinery, HUAYU has supported customers around the world for about 20 years and accumulated a wealth of experience in paper packaging industry. Thanks to years of experience, we have become the leading provider of solutions for corrugated industry in China. Now, we are there for you from independent machines such as printer slotter die cutter, carton folder gluer, slitter scorer, carton stitcher, automatic strapper, etc. to a complete corrugated cardboard production line. These corrugated box machinery boast reliable quality and stable performance and have obtained CE certification. In addition, they have been exported to more than 40 countries such as USA, Mexico, Chile, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey, UZ, India, Russia, Australia, etc. For more information please contact us. More
Main products
    1. HUAYU-A Series Auto Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutter & Stacker

      The drive rollers of this auto flexo printer slotter die cutter and stacker are all made of high quality steel pipes which have experienced thermal refining, hard chromium plating, correcting and drilling balancing, hence ensuring stable running. Gears are made from high ...

    1. HUAYU-B Series Auto Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutter & Stacker

      As a significant part of corrugated carton production line, our HUAYU-B series auto flexo printer slotter die cutter and stacker, similar to the A series, is mainly designed for printing high quality and precision colors on corrugated cartons, especially for top printing.

    1. HY-A Series Semi-Auto Flexo Printer Slotter

      Every unit of this carton machinery features motorized splitting and integrating as well as pneumatic locking and loosening functions. Alarm devices are used for improving safety.
      The printing phase and slotting phase are proud of 360 degree motorized adjustment.

    1. HYWJ Series Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

      Under the control of AC electromagnetic speed adjustment system (computer control), the corrugated cardboard production line can complete non-stop production from corrugated medium feeding to finished corrugated board discharging.

    1. Automatic Carton Folder Gluer

      The automatic carton folding and gluing machine comes with variable frequency motor for speed regulating and PLC touch screen for set-ups, thus ensuring easy operation and stable running. With maximum speed of 150m/min, the cardboard box making machine is ideal for large and medium scale carton plants.

    1. Semi-Auto Stitching Machine

      Through touch screen, parameters transformation of pitch of nails, nail number, stitching patterns and back board can be easily completed by the operator without experience.
      In a stroke, our semi-auto stitching machine can implement single stitching ...

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